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SiFive Storage Solutions: How RISC-V and custom silicon platforms enable smart storage architectures

Currently, there is a huge demand in the market for storage systems. Reliability, high endurance and robustness are the essential features, which are very much required for such systems. Therefore, SSD controller-based storage solutions are most preferred for data centers

SiFive USB 3.2 IP Solutions Including Retimer for High-Speed Consumer Applications

Join us in this webinar to learn more about our USB 3.2 IP solution, including Retimer, for high-speed consumer applications. We will review the IP engineering features, operations, configurations, protocols and implementation guidelines in detail.

SiFive HBM2/2E IP Subsystem - Features and Implementation Guidelines

Join us for our next SiFive Connect webinar to learn more about the features of the HBM2/2E IP subsystem and how to implement the IP in an SoC. We’ll also address the market applications for HBM2/2E IP.

Chip to Chip Communication (Interlaken-LL) for Enterprise and Cloud

Interlaken chip-to-chip connectivity IP has been used for many years in networking and switching fabrics to move high throughput data between large chips. With advanced technology nodes,