OpenFive is a solution-centric silicon company that is uniquely positioned to design processor agnostic SoC architectures with customizable and differentiated IP for artificial intelligence, edge computing, HPC, and networking solutions.OpenFiveoffers end-to-end expertise in architecture, design implementation, software, silicon validation and manufacturing to deliver high-quality silicon.

LPDDR5/4X IP Subsystem

LPDDR memory are used where area and power savings are key requirements. LPDDR also offers higher bandwidth compared to DDR counterparts. LPDDR5/4X is ideally suited for next generation computing for AI Inference, Edge, IoT, Automotive and Mobile applications.


LPDDR5/4X are the next generation low-power memory which boosts 2X faster data transfers than its predecessor. LPDDR devices can transfer data at higher rates with remarkable power efficiency. It also supports unique low power feature, deep sleep mode (DSM), to reduce standby power even further.

Block Diagram

LPDDR5/4X Controller and PHY

Supports all 3rd party DFI 5.0 based Controllers

Key Features

IP Customization

If you already have a specific SoC IP spec in mind, our team can help you to customize the controller IP as per your requirements.

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