OpenFive is a solution-centric silicon company that is uniquely positioned to design processor agnostic SoC architectures with customizable and differentiated IP for artificial intelligence, edge computing, HPC, and networking solutions.OpenFiveoffers end-to-end expertise in architecture, design implementation, software, silicon validation and manufacturing to deliver high-quality silicon.
Senior Manager - VLSI

Senior Manager - VLSI

As a Design Manager, you will be working with one or more spec to silicon projects. You will be responsible for architecture of SoC, microarchitecture and generate appropriate documents. You will be working closely with physical design teams, verification teams, software teams and customer to ensure we deliver a high quality SoC subsystem to the customers and ensures successful tapeout.



  • You will be responsible for pre-sales support, proposing architecture to customers based on their requirements.
  • You will be responsible for working with team to come up with architecture and micro-architecture.
  • You will be responsible for working with cross functional team to ensure timely delivery
  • You will manage, grow the design / RTL team to achieve the project goals
  • You will work closely with customer, provide technical support & provide collaterals agreed upon
  • You will work with team to achieve flow, methodology improvements to achieve high reuse
  • You will work with IP vendors to generate / get right configurations of the IP
  • You will manage team work allocation, schedule, risk mitigation and deliverables from design team.



  • Should have good understanding of ARM based architecture, CPU subsystems, interconnect, boot process, memory subsystem
  • Should have good knowledge of Interface IP blocks like PCIe or USB or Ethernet or DDRx controller, QSPI, DMA, or other similar blocks
  • Should have good understanding of IPs, integration/application requirement, work with RTL team/vendors to achieve architecture goals
  • Should have designed one or more ARM based ASIC/SoC  and used one or more of PCIe, DDRx, USB, SATA, …
  • Should have good knowledge of multiple flavors of AMBA bus protocols & interconnect solutions available
  • Should have good understanding of process / flow to achieve power & performance goals
  • Should understand and work on all aspects of VLSI development from SoC architecture, micro architecture, RTL coding, RTL quality checks, silicon bring up.
  • Should have good understanding of requirements from physical design, FPGA, Software, DFT and verification team.
  • Should have handled a design from Spec to GDS-II
  • Tracking design progress, working with cross functional teams, delivering on agreed upon milestones.
  • Should provide mentoring, guidance and support to the team

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